Kitchen Shears Heavy Duty Take Apart For Easy Cleaning


the features are:
~ Strong scissors
~ Peeler
~ Straight knife
~ Serrated knife
~ Nut and shell cracker
~ Screwdriver
~ Grater/scaler
~ Bottle opener


  • shears seem very sturdy

  • Comes apart, therefore easy to clean

  • can be used for cutting Chicken, Fish, Meat ,Vegetables, Flower stems, Herbs,Cardboard, Plastic & even Carpet

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY The Chef Brooklyn 8 in1 Multifunction Kitchen Shears comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee


Vorfreude Lifetime Guaranteed Hearing Enhancement Amplifier Aid


  • I really like how much it amplifies, the only thing is that it picks up all sounds at the same time… so like if I am watching tv and someone is talking in the kitchen their sounds overpower the tv…might just be that I need to figure it out more.
  • Approved by FDA with 3 air tight fittings to remove echoes, chirping and white noise
  • NO tubing to come loose



Blackhead Remover Pimples Comedones Splinter Extractors with Tweezers 5 pcs Surgical Skin Care Cleaning Tools


  • dermatology tested
  • Each double-looped tool helps extract blemishes of every size
  • comes with a nice decorative box
  • stainless steel
  • easy to grip
  • LIFESTANCE Blackhead Remover Pimple Comedone Extractor Tool Using Steps
    1. Preparing medical alcohol pads,comedone skincare tools,antiseptic,wipes,swabs or cotton pads.
    2.Washing your hands,using medical alcohol pads clean skincare tools.
    3.Cleanse skin thoroughly with warm water.A hot steamy shower or sauna will help open pores further and is easy to clean up.
    4. Select extracting tool: wide loop for large or inflamed breakouts, thin tip for cleaning smaller pores, extracting blemishes, etc.
    5. Cleanse your skin again, then apply toner and moisturizer.
    6. Always wash the tool in hot soapy water/alcohol and allow to air dry.





Spriak Led Party Disco Ball DJ Lights 3w Strobe Rotating Magic Lights Show


  • great for bedroom/ doom room / music room/ game room
  • comes with bracket that can be mounted on wall or ceiling
  • comes with remote control
  • Package Includes:
    • 1x LED RGB Stage Lighting
    • 1x Mounting Accessories
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Shell material: ABS high light transmission shade
    • Light source power: LED RGB 3 x 1w
    • Total power: 5-10W
    • Beam angle: 120 degrees
    • Power supply parameters: AC850v-260v 50-60Hz
    • Light color: red, green and blue
    • Packing size: 110 x 100 x 110MM
    • Product Weight: 0.35kg