Baby Finger Toothbrush,1pc with case, use for babys,and toddlers


I bought this finger toothbrush from Doingwhatsbest as part of a bridal shower gift basket for my niece. Love that it comes with a case to keep it in.  perfect to massage gums and to clean your baby’s teeth.light and easy to carry. FDA APPROVED- made by high quality food grade silicone material FDA approved. BPA free and ECO friendly.

Doingwhatsbest  gives 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Intex 3,000-Gallon Sand Filter Pump





We have had numerous Intex products over the last 12 years and they have ALWAYS stuck behind their products and their warranties.

We purchased this  Intex pool pump from VMInnovations and it ended up getting here 3 days early. At first we thought that we got the wrong product because of the way it reads about GPH but after reading up realized it was correct. If any negative it would be that  part because you had to read a few times to understand it.  The pump itself is awesome gives great water flow to the pool and to the vacuum. This should help my pool a lot better. When you buy the above ground pools you should always purchase and go up at least 1 size with the pump.

The parts are all well made and heavy duty. Instructions were easy to understand to install. -Put it where you want it to be before you fill it with sand. You can buy the sand at any pool store. You will need 100 pounds.

I recommend purchasing the warranty because like I said they have always stood behind their products and warranties.

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Intex 3,000-Gallon Sand Filter Pump

Dog Seat Belt Harness,Adjustable Pet Dog Cat Safety Leads Car Vehicle Seat Belt Harness


I had the opportunity to try out these pet seat belts made by Friends Forever . Every pet owner that takes their pets anywhere needs these. They will protect your babies from getting hurt if you get in an accident or have to slam on the brakes . Fits All Conventional Car Buckles. These are constructed very well. The stitching is well done also. If you are not satisfied then Friends Forever will rectify it for you.

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Friends Forever was founded in 2009 in beautiful coastal Northern California.

Friends Forever presents an array of brand-name pet products. From the modern fun of Poof to the coastal elegance of Halo to the sophistication of Friends Forever (and everything in between), we offer style and comfort with a quality selection of cuddlers,, beds, furniture and more.

Neck Pillow,Raniaco Inflatable Travel Pillow

I had the opportunity to try out this awesome travel pillow by Raniaco. It is super soft the material is like a valuer material. You can blow it up by mouth of if you are lazy like me you can use a air pump to blow up. It comes in a nice pouch with bonus sleep mask and ear plugs. Easy to throw in a purse, backpack or any type of carry on luggage. Fits the neck great.  The cover comes off for easy cleaning. It is ideal for supporting neck while car driving, office napping, traveling, studying, watching TV and working on laptop also.

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Surviveware Trauma EMT Shears



 I had the opportunity to try out these trauma scissors made by Surviveware. These things are amazing. The are super sharp and cut very quickly. I actually purchased them for my emergency bug out bag that I am making but they would fit perfectly in any first aid kit.  They cut evenly and precise.  They are very sturdy and can be used by most hand sizes unless you are Andre the giant. They are 7 ½ Stainless Steel blades.Shears with blunt tip to cut gauze, bandages, clothing and seat belts during emergencies.Stronger and more durable than steel with black fluoride-coated non-stick surface to aid in stealth situations. Used by emergency room personnel, trauma nurses and military paramedics. BE PREPARED FOR EMERGENCIES !! you don’t need to be a professional; these shears are ideal for use at home or while on the road hiking or backpacking. They are also tough and handy shears for the workshop. They also make a great addition to your first aid kit or trauma bag.Most first aid kits come with flimsy shears. Don’t be let down by inferior tools. Replace your EMT scissors and be ready for emergencies, you never know when an accident might occur.
This is not the first item i have purchased from Surviveware they are a great company and they stand behind their products.
Surviveware also has  60-day money back guarantee, but you wont need it. Please feel free to check out my you tube video review at Surviveware EMT scissors,
If you have any questions hit me up.


Silicone Baby Bibs, Fitnate Adjustable Waterproof



I had the opportunity to get these silicone bibs from  BrainyDeal they are super nice. When you hear silicone you probably think ewww just like I did. However, they do not have that silicone odor and they do not feel silicone either. They almost feel velvety. They have snaps/buttons so that you can adjust them on your baby. The only downside is I wish both of them were unisex colors but hey what can you do. They also throw in a little starter toothbrush. I got them for my niece for a baby shower basket . They are super easy to clean and hang dry. No more laundry just for bibs. They are FDA approved also.waterproof soft bid catches almost all of the food that your kids drop down with a wide deep pocket that stays open to catch food and drink shape is wide around the shoulders with grooves around arms to allow your kids for comfortable movement,fast-drying silicone bib doesn’t absorb water.made of food-grade silicone is FDA approved, safe and eco-friendly. It can stand against high temperature of 200℃ and can be stuffed into a bag without losing shape. Less mess and quicker to clean up.This waterproof silicone baby bib is also a good present for your family or friends.

Please feel free to check out my you tube review BrainyDeal silicone bib review.   If you have any questions hit me up.


Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Travelling Organizer. Divided Compartments with Zipper Closure and Brush Holders


Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Travelling Organizer


  • I had the opportunity to check out this  terrific makeup bag by BoldnSharp .  
  • This make up bag has so much room that you can take it with you when you travel or even just everyday use for the gym or work. Has lots of slots for brushes. It has 5 separate sections to keep everything organized. Will fit easily into a carry on luggage or beach bag or backpack. The stitching is flawless and all the zippers work great. There is enough room to even store skincare items such as face cleaners, lotions and more. My niece wants me to get her one to carry her art supplies in. I never thought about that but hey that is an awesome idea too. No question that this is a 5 star product.Durable nylon material with reinforced edges and smooth-sliding zippers keep this bag looking new day after day.
    Designed to stand on its own, and not tip over. There’s plenty of space to neatly store brushes, pencils, full size eyeshadow palettes   and more.
    Plus place for tweezers, Q-tips, makeup wipes, and other small tools and toiletries.Measuring approximately 10” x 7” x 3”. made from durable Jacquard nylon, reinforced edges, & smooth-sliding zippers

BoldnSharp  also give you  1-year Limited Warranty and 45-day Satisfaction Guarantee; love it or return it – no questions asked!

Feel free to check out my you tube video for this also at Boldnsharp cosmetic bag video.


Finger Stretcher & Hand Exerciser by FitMotion, Latex-Free Hand Strengtheners for Progressive Hand Therapy –


  • Got these for my mom who is suffering with arthritis
  • they seem well made
  • she is working with them but not sure how well they are doing yet …will update again later on this part
  • If they help her I will order me some
  • came packaged well
  • 3-pack too, so you can keep one at home, one in your car, or at work
  • designed to exercise & strengthen your expanding muscles, quick relief from tennis elbow and pains from muscle imbalance and overuse.
  •  Simply wash with water and soap
  • Who needs FitMotion Hand Band?
    If you play golf, tennis, cycle, are a competitive powerlifter, strongman, weightlifter, Crossfitter, or if you drive, text or type, you are overusing your gripping muscles while under-using your expanding muscles. Expanding muscles are the muscles that open your hands. Undertraining these muscles cause imbalances that hurt performance & can cause pain & injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.
    – Musicians
    – Golfers
    – Computer Workers
    – Climbers
    – Tennis Players
    – Baseball Players
    – Rock Climbing
    – Weight Lifter and more
  • can use for either hand
  • Resistance Level
    – PINK: Light Resistance – For Beginners and Injured Hands
    – GREEN: Medium Resistance – For Everyday Strengthening Exercise
    – BLUE: Hard Resistance – For Advanced Muscle Toning