Resistance Band Set – Free Workout Ebook – 42 Exercises – Dramatically Improve Health, Fitness and Energy – 12 pcs with Handles, Door Anchor and Ankle Straps


* great for at home workouts
* can use for a variety of exercises
* carabiner clips make changing each band fast and simple
* Yellow: 2-4 lbs
Blue: 4-6 lbs
Green: 10-12 lbs
Black: 15-20 lbs
Red: 25-30 lbs
* seem to be high quality and heavy duty

The Important stuff:

Is this item worth the money? Yes
Do I like this item? yes
Would I buy this item again? yes
Would I tell my friends and family about this item? Yes

A +++++++++++++Awesome seller…Exactly as the seller described !!!!!!!!!

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