Rechargeable Work Lights, GRDE [15W 24LED] Outdoors Camping Emergency Lights with SOS Mode, Portable Floodlights with Built-in Lithium Batteries and 2 USB Ports to Charge Digital Devices


  • rugged, light weight and stable
  • pretty amazing little light
  • perfect for power outages
  • base can be removed
  • Included are two chargers (for both wall and USB charging)
  • The 24 LEDs in this work light are powered by 2 18650 Lithium Ion batteries (non removable). The light is rechargeable by an AC power supply or a USB cord. Two switches on the rear control the LEDs. One button switches the light from low to high beam and off. The other switch turns the red and blue emergency flashers on and off. There are also two USB outlets for charging your phone or powering a 5V device.

Is this item worth the money? Yes
Do I like this item? yes
Would I buy this item again? yes
Would I tell my friends and family about this item? Yes

A +++++++++++++Awesome seller…Exactly as the seller described !!!!!!!!!




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