Muta Bands Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart and Resistance Band Carrying Case


Great for days you cant go to the gym…I work a super crazy schedule so it makes it hard for me to get to the gym on a regular schedule.
* Here is what you will get
Yellow Band: 10 pounds Total, 5 pounds per side
– Blue Band: 20 pounds Total, 10 pounds per side
– Red Band: 30 pounds Total, 15 pounds per side
– Green Band: 40 pounds Total, 20 pounds per side
– Black Band: 50 pounds Total, 25 pounds per side
– 2 cushioned foam handles
– 2 ankle straps
– 1 door anchor
– 1 carry bag
– 1 instruction manual

* Super easy to bag up and throw in backpack or luggage if traveling
* If you have yoga ball you can pull up a seat and do some exercises using the ball as well

You really can do a lot of exercises with these…
ab crunch either sitting on ball or kneeling
ax chops
oblique twists standing, sitting on floor, or sitting on ball
roll crunches
deltoid raises
chest press
shoulder press
bicep curls
upright row
wrist curls
shoulder raises
criss cross upright row
sitting row
shoulder shrugs
side tricep pulls
laying tricep pullovers
overhead triceps
ab crunch bicep curls
kneeling triceps
leg extension
hip flex
glute leg pulls
and i am sure you can find many many more on youtube or google

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