Briofood, DAY-TO-DAY Food Based Vitamin C 1000mg 90 Tablets made with Vegetable Source Omegas


* contains 90 large tablets, with 1000 mg vitamin C in each tablet
* easy to swallow
* Free of gluten, wheat, milk/dairy, nuts, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish, yeast, sugar, lactose, and artificial additives
* way more effective than taking gummy

Benefits of Vitamin C
One of the most intensely studied areas of vitamin C benefits is in the area of cardiovascular health. Researchers are finding that vitamin C impacts several aspects of cardiac health, ranging from blood pressure to endothelial health.
Researchers are investigating the possibilities that vitamin C may play a role in reducing our risk of plaque buildup.
Vitamin C has numerous functions in the human body, including acting as an essential co factor in enzymatic reactions. In this way, it plays a role in your body’s production of collagen, carnitine (which helps your body turn fat into energy), and chatelaines (hormones made by your adrenal glands)
Vitamin C is also used by your body for wound healing, repairing, and maintaining the health of your bones and teeth
Vitamin C Is Well Known for Helping Your Blood Vessels to Relax
Vitamin C May Lower Your Blood Pressure and Help Keep Arteries Flexible



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