Mini Bike Pump, Raniaco Portable Bicycle Pump for Presta & Schrader, 2 in 1 Screw Valve and 260 PSI High Pressure for All Cycle Tires – Bonus Accessories Included


  • small enough to add to backpack or sports bag
  • easy to attach to bike
  • easy instructions
  • easy to install
  • takes about 4-5 mins to inflate tire
  • pretty powerful
  • Specification:
    (1)Length: 19cm
    (3)Weight: 160g
    (4)Material: T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
    (5)Valve Type: Presta and Schrader reversible
    (6)Standard Pressure: 17bar /260psi
    Screw X 2
    Air Inflation Needles X2
    Sandpaper X1
    Non-glue patches X 6
    Pump Clip X1
  • Raniaco Bike Pump comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 2-year performance warranty.


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