Air Compressor Filter, Gauge Regulator, Oiler. Mini Three Unit Combo Compressed Air 1/4” NPT with Manual Drain Valve. (AS221) Air Tool Accessories by Lematec.


  • effectively traps moisture, dirt, and contaminants that are destructive to Your air system and air tools.
  • Lubricator injects an aerosolized stream of oil into your air line that provides necessary lubrication to the internal working parts of your air / pneumatic tools.
  • Included in kit is a mounting bracket that allows for many different mounting configurations
  • heavy duty
  • parts all seem well made
  • There are a wide variety of applications where compressed air is used. The Lematec Pneumatic Air Three-Unit Combo Compressed Air FRL is perfect for either home use or professional use. From a simple process of inflating your inflatable products, cleaning stubborn dirt by directed air pressure, to hobbies that require compressed air such as airbrush artistry and woodworking,
  • miniature design which saves space



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