32″ Professional Pocket Size Selfie Stick Fugetek



I wanted to try out this 32″ Professional Pocket Size Selfie Stick Fugetek by Lonestar Industry Group

 because  I have been looking for a good selfie stick that has a remote control, and right away it caught my eye that it had a remote.
My first reaction when I opened the package was how well made and heavy duty it is. It is not made cheaply. I wanted to be able to take selfies of my and my spouse and until now had not been able to find a good selfie stick that i could use that worked. Now I have though. This makes it SUPER easy for old folks like myself that are not good with taking selfies. This selfie stick is good for everyone no matter what age or selfie skill level you have.
Very easy to use and instructions were easy to understand. Definitely worth price. Have not had to use customer service yet so unable to comment on how that is.  I definitely recommend this product to anyone in the market for a new selfie stick.
– Extends To 32″
– More Reliable Locking Of The Selfie Stick When Extended
– Removable Wireless Bluetooth Remote
– Fully Adjustable Mount For Most Devices
– Portable, Great For Traveling
– Easy And Fun To Use
You can purchase HERE
Please feel free to check out my you tube review here
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at leaschott6369@gmail.com

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