Non-Toxic Erasable Water-Based Liquid Chalk Pens for All-Purpose Decorations


These work great and do not rub off accidentally. Comes with instructions for first time use. They work great on windows, chalk boards,, dry erase boards and more. Love all the different colors. They wipe off easily except the white has a few issues ( have to use a lot of elbow grease for the white) . They are  are non-toxic and water based . No more chalky hands. AVOID using them on Porous Surfaces such as paper, painted surface, chalk paint, unfinished wood or fabrics – due to the fact that they are incredibly strong, they are hard to get off and may leave permanent marks! Includes a handy, easy-to-use pair of tweezers to make the nib changing easier.

Work Great On: Plastic, Metal, Glass, Mirrors, Windows, Blackboards, Bistro Boards, Whiteboards, Dry Erase Boards, Chalkboard Calendars and more. 100% SAFE TO USE FOR EVERYONE – EVEN YOUR KIDS!

Use  for a colorful, yet professional result in restaurant menus, wedding and birthday decorations, bistro and bar signs, business boards and much more!

***NOT All CHALKBOARD Surfaces Are Compatible For Use of Chalk Markers. Please ALWAYS, Test a Small Area First to Make Sure it Wipes Off, Before Using The Markers on The Entire Surface***


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