Bear On The Chair



Some people do not like the size however I do because it is a good size for toddlers. Helps with behavior modification. It comes with a book that you read to your child and then they pick a name and place for the bear to set. It comes with a happy face patch and a sad face patch that Velcro’s to the bear’s shirt. Happy face for good and sad face for bad behavior.  Perfect size to travel with also. You can also print adoption papers. I think it would be good for potty training and teaching your kids to eat properly as well. Good for helping your kids set goals.

  • Promotes year round positive reinforcement
  • Includes copy written Bear On The Chair® story which explains how the bear works and how to personalize for each child
  • Comfortably fits in custom made white branded chair
  •  helps to promote a happy family and well behaved children
  • Your child will constantly check the bear’s shirt to make sure they are making it happy and being recognized for all their hard work



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