Adjustable Patella Strap Knee Support

Accelerate Injury Recovery And Minimize Knee Pain


I had the opportunity to get this  Patella Strap by SLEEVE STARS. I wanted to try this out because I have bone spurs in my knee and the regular knee sleeves do not also cut it.

This is heavy duty and well made. The stitching and velcro are all well put together. It is hard for me to review the way it works because it does not fit. It states that one size fits most all. If you have big legs this will NOT fit you. As you can see in the picture i could only get to my shin fully adjusted. …………..Fits any knee with circumference between 14-22 inches. Unisex model and can be used on both knees.

It seems that it would be comfortable and it seems very heavy duty and durable. They state that it will help with recovery time.  It states that it gives you support.

SLEEVE STARS are a Swedish brand who’ve been blessed to help thousands of people in USA, Canada and Europe with accelerating recovery and reducing muscle, joint and tendon inflammations.

  • easy to clean
  • unisex
  • fits 14-22 inches
  • support and comfort


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