Trunk Storage Net

 No Harm for Your Vehicle Interior with Velcro


I was looking for something to go on the back of my seat to put stuff in while traveling and this is it.

It is super to attach and unattach. It actually holds quite a bit more than I thought it would. It is quite stretchable. Matches my jeep too ( that is a plus) . I am thinking about getting a couple for more each seat. The instructions say to velcro it to carpet which is great but you can also loop it around the pegs of your headrest.

I have gotten multiple items from INNOVATION NEXT (which if you watch my video review you will see them all) . I have the cargo net in there the net for between the driver and passenger seat to keep my pup from trying to come up front and also have the seat cover for the back seat. They make great products.

This like all of the products I have gotten from INNOVATION NEXT have all been well made and heavy duty. Sewn and stitched really well and all of the parts are heavy duty and durable.

  • INNX seatback storage net is 15.7″X10″
  • easy to install
  • Life time warranty.



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