Refrigerator Magnets


50PCS Premium Brushed Nickel Fridge Magnets,Round Magnets


I needed some magnets for fridge and file cabinet for important papers. We have parents here on hospice and need to keep track of stuff and THIS DOES THE JOB !!!! They are small but heavy duty. There is 50 pieces so we can hold a lot of stuff we need.

These are so strong they can catch another one from about 3 inches away. The also have a nice little plastic storage container to keep in when not using. One magnet can hold about 10 sheets of  paper. 10 x 2mm.  No question 100% money back guarantee. Small size but widely used,perfect for magnetic push pins, office magnets, whiteboard magnet, map magnets etc. The grade of these magnets is N35.  Sometimes hard to get off just get fingernail underneath to help you.

Rest Assured That Your Purchase Is Entirely Risk-Free!

If your refrigerator magnets does not make you perfectly happy, we will be glad to fully refund you. To us, customer satisfaction comes always first.

  • One magnet can hold up to 10 pieces of printer paper
  • Size:10 X 2 mm
  •  50PCS
  • Disc magnet shape
  • machined silver magnet finish
  •  DO NOT stick to stainless steel.
  • No question 100% money back guarantee.

No question 100% money back guarantee.



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