FREEWISE Personal Fan


This is my hot flash fan. I am in menopause and therefore have TONS of hot flashes. I have this sitting on the table beside my chair so that i can keep cool. It is heavy duty and well made.

  • GREAT for  for traveling, camping, hiking, backpacking
  • charge lasts for several hours ( have only charged once since I got it and use it every night for a couple of hours)
  • Portable Design, it is only 4.13 * 8.15 * 1.65 Inch, you may put it in your bag or pocket
  • easy to use
  • easy to charge
  •  i really love this little fan


Product description


This hand held personal fan has strong soft wind with the 3D blades design, it has a stylish base,
Good for office, kitchen, small party, camping, picnic, hiking, traveling and more.
Size: 4.13(diameter) * 8.15(height) * 1.65(thickness) inch
Weight: 5.8 oz (not including base)
Power consumption: 4W
Battery Built-in: 18650 with 3350 mAh (USB rechargeable)
Packing Size:4.5in*3.3in*8.9in
Packing Weight:339g
Quiet level:
normal speed: 40 dB
Medium speed: 59dB
High speed: 63 dB
Charging Time: (USB Charger not included)
About 2 hours with 2A charger
About 3.5 Hours with general charger
Warranty: One year on labor and parts by factory.


MYSKY HOME Solid Grommet top Thermal Insulated Window Blackout Curtains, 52 x 63 Inch, Greyish White, 1 Panel


  • high quality Polyester
  • Blocks 98% of Sunlight UV light to any room anytime of the day
  • Microfiber thermal coating keeps the room at a set temperature by insulating against either heat or cold.
  • Machine washable
  • Package includes 1 CURTAIN PANEL. 2 panels size: 104″ w x 63″, 1 panel size: 52″ w x 63″ l ; 8 grommets per panel; 1.6″ Diameter of grommet, included grommet rim 2.7

Baseball Cap Washer



These are pretty amazing. You can throw in washing machine or in the dishwasher. Helps the hat keep it’s shape. They come out looking like new. Extremely easy to load and use. Money back guarantee. In the dishwasher you need to use the top rack.  Quality seems sturdy and heavy duty so far.  Far better than buying new hats all the time.  Good gift for anyone that wears a lot of hats. My hats did not shrink. Good for ball caps, visors and wool caps as well. DO NOT PUT IN DRYER !!!!Cycle only if used in the washing machine! Use cold water and do not put in dryer .washing aid to maintain the interior shape of your cap while the exterior protective cage cover locks down to protect your baseball cap during cleaning. Safely clean,dry,shape,protect and store your caps while traveling,make sure your cap DON’T crush. Safe for flat and curved caps. Use over and over. Keeps the bill perfectly shaped. No wrinkles.   open it up and plane cap inside, close it back its that easy.

Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Travelling Organizer. Divided Compartments with Zipper Closure and Brush Holders


Makeup Bag & Cosmetic Travelling Organizer


  • I had the opportunity to check out this  terrific makeup bag by BoldnSharp .  
  • This make up bag has so much room that you can take it with you when you travel or even just everyday use for the gym or work. Has lots of slots for brushes. It has 5 separate sections to keep everything organized. Will fit easily into a carry on luggage or beach bag or backpack. The stitching is flawless and all the zippers work great. There is enough room to even store skincare items such as face cleaners, lotions and more. My niece wants me to get her one to carry her art supplies in. I never thought about that but hey that is an awesome idea too. No question that this is a 5 star product.Durable nylon material with reinforced edges and smooth-sliding zippers keep this bag looking new day after day.
    Designed to stand on its own, and not tip over. There’s plenty of space to neatly store brushes, pencils, full size eyeshadow palettes   and more.
    Plus place for tweezers, Q-tips, makeup wipes, and other small tools and toiletries.Measuring approximately 10” x 7” x 3”. made from durable Jacquard nylon, reinforced edges, & smooth-sliding zippers

BoldnSharp  also give you  1-year Limited Warranty and 45-day Satisfaction Guarantee; love it or return it – no questions asked!

Feel free to check out my you tube video for this also at Boldnsharp cosmetic bag video.


OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPad Air – Retail Packaging – Papaya – White/Pink


  1. After alot of research we went with this…glad we did !!!
  2. heavy duty and well made
  3. the only con is that it slightly covers the volume up button but no big deal
  4. case is comprised of three parts…flexible rubber sleeve that fits snugly to the iPad, a hard plastic case with a built in screen protector that the rubber-sleeved iPad fits into
  5. very sturdy
  6. comes standard with a shield stand