BlueLoong PS3 Controller Wireless Double Shock Black and Blue 2 Pack


* comfortable ergonomics design
* for all kinds of games which support joystick operation
* Firstly, connecting USB charging cable. Secondly, the controller will be connecting when you disconnect the cable. Lastly, if the sync fails, please reset the
controller by pressing the small hole on the back of the controller with a needle, toothpick or paperclip.
* How to recharge?
Situation 1: Connected to the computer with driver.
Four lights flash simultaneously and the lights go out when charging is complete.
Situation 2: Connected to the computer without driver.
The first light will flash until the lights go out when charging is complete.
* do not use charger of smart phone to charge controller because that voltage is higher, which may damage the controller.

EasySMX S3 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4/ PC/ Laptop/ Tablet/ Smartphone with Suspension Headband Omnidirectional Foldable Microphone Bass Vibration Control LED Lighting


  • sound quality is pretty decent
  • comfortable to wear
  • no rubbing
  • sturdy material
  • microphone works great