Surviveware Biodegradable Wet Wipes

 Great For Camping, Travel & emergencies


I am building a emergency kit for when we go to war or the world ends or whatever circumstance and thought this would be a perfect addition.

They are e 8″ by 12″ and 32 come in a pack. They have no odor. These are great for camping, hiking, natural disasters and more. They are are biodegradable which is also a plus for me because we have enough stuff killing our earth already. They start to decompose after only 28 days. They would be good for cleaning up if you work out in the fields or construction . Men you do not have to worry about smelling like  a girl or a baby they have no odor. Each wipes is 8″ x 12″, meaning you can you a single cloth to clean your entire body.

When camping or traveling you can also use to clean cooking equipment. Great for cleaning up the kids when traveling. I think they would also make a great gift for the homeless community.

Sometimes when camping you have to poop in the woods and these are a good solution because you do not have to carry them along because they are biodegradable just bury them and they will decompose on their own.

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Cookware set perfect for camping or backpacking


I am putting together an emergency kit for whatever may happen in the future and this is PERFECT for my bug out kit.


If you are a backpacker or camper or just like me and building an emergency kit, this is a good set for you. It is easy to store or throw in backpack and nice quality.

You will be prepared with this kit . It comes with Products Includes:
1 x Pot
1 x Frying Pan
1 x Pan Cover
2 x Bowls
1 x Soup Spoon
1 x Rice Ladle
1 x Loofah Sponge
1 x Mesh Bag
1 x Stoves

and you will be prepared if you get stuck somewhere or if you are just camping.


The pot and pan are constructed well with a handle that unfolds and then also packs compactly. It all goes together so you can throw it in the mesh bag that comes with it and will not take up much space in your backpack.

Some of the major benefits that I think are:

  •  designed for one or two people
  • made of anodized aluminum material, earth friendly and non-toxic
  • can be folded to save space.
  • perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, emergency preparedness, or as part of a survival kit.


If you are a camper or backpacker THIS IS FOR YOU. If you know someone who is a camper or backpacker this is a great gift for them.

If you have any questions hit me up here



Techno Single Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Pattern Lighter



I got this Techno Single Torch Slant Jet Flame Windproof Pattern Lighter from Techno® Torch. Very nice lighter. It is windproof. All parts are heavy duty and well made. Great for camping, hiking or even for emergencies. It’s easy to use and works great. It is childproof also so you do not have to worry about small children getting hurt by it. Has a great flame that holds for as long as you need it to. Easy to fill from the bottom. Holds quite a bit of butane.Made with high quality materials for leak free and long lasting use. Powerful single torch with wind resistant. Perfect cigar /cigarette lighter or culinary use, any activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, and so on. It’s approximately 4″ high by about 1″ round. Made with high quality materials for leak free and long lasting use.Techno® Torch will be your best helper whether you’re at home or fast on-the-go in the strongest of winds. Torch flame size is adjustable and is equipped with a flame lock to maintain the burn. has strong locks so when you don’t want it to be usable it’s not.

Please feel free to check out my you tube review Torch lighter



I purchased this COLLAPSIBLE CUP with Lid by R&L US for my bug out emergency kit for when North Korea bombs us or russia lol.  It is well made and heavy duty and collapsible so you can easily throw into backback or any bag for that matter.   Lightweight folding cup great for outdoor camping, hiking and travel. BPA-free, hygienic, made of 100% food-grade eco-friendly silicone. Dishwasher safe.

Emergency Mylar Thermal Space Blanket (5 Pack) – Made For Survival in Cold And Hot Weather Conditions – Build Your Own Waterproof Shelter – Designed for NASA and Military


  • I am currently building a emergency kit , in case the  shit hits the fan so to speak
  • these are excellent
  •  I also like the idea that you can create emergency shelters with these
  • Beat hypothermia when you add an extra insulation layer to your sleeping bag or make your hiking boots waterproof by wearing the blankets as insulating socks. You can even construct a makeshift shelter during an emergency until help arrives
  • Throw these blankets into your backpack or bug out bag


TECHNO Slant Triple Torch Jet Flame Lighter


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  • heavy duty
  • well made
  • materials seem well made also
  • easy to fill
  • good for hunting or camping also
  • The plastic is heavy duty also
  • Put together nicely

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LED Flood Light: LOFTEK 15Watt LED Cordless Flood Light Outdoor Work Light, Equal to 60-Watt Incandescent , Waterproof USB Power Bank with 6600mAh Rechargeable Battery, Black


  • heavy duty
  • steel frame
  • great for back yard
  • battery can be charged while attached to the light or detached.
  • battery also has an LED indicator so you can easily identify once the battery is done charging
  • adjustment options allow you to place the light and direct it wherever it is needed
  • about 3 hours on charge
  • Technical Specifications
    Shoot Distance: 20m
    Beam Angle: >120 degree
    CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): 5500K-6000K
    CRI (Color Rendering Index): Ra>70
    Battery Capacity: 6600mAh
    Working Time: About 4-7 hours
    Charge Time: About 6 hours