Extra thick NBR exercise mat by Equaliteria

72″X 24″ with premium yoga stretching strap as a carrying sling


I wanted to get something with some cushion for exercising because this New Year I WILL keep my resolution to get healthier and lose some weight and exercise more. Eventually I want to even give  yoga a try.

It is very thick foam and heavy duty. Comes with handle so you can roll it up and hit the road. Can be used by any gender. It is all stitched really well. The belt is heavy duty and well made also. It is easy to wipe off and let air dry. It is non slip which is great for a klutz like me. Extra Cushioning is for exceptional knee, elbow, hip and joint comfort. It is a great size for posing, stretching etc…It is also latex free for those with latex allergies. Easy to travel with also.   No more slipping and sliding.

  • Pilates, Yoga or fitness or just exercising
  • Non- Slip Surface
  • adjustable Yoga stretching strap
  •  yoga belt is strong and long lasting
  • thick and large padding Extra Cushioning is for exceptional knee, elbow, hip and joint comfort



Massage Therapy Yoga Roller Ball for Deep Tissue, Trigger Point & Mayofascial Release

Premium Quality Lacrosse Style Rubber Balls Best for Back & Foot Massage


I got these because we all have back and arthritis issues in my family. These are hard and they will put pressure where you need it that is for sure.

If you live alone or even if you do not and want to self massage these are the thing you need. They get the spot. These things kill muscle knots. You can use it anywhere, anytime,

Some of the fine points are:

  • The Massage Ball Set is amazingly effective for deep tissue muscle massaging 
  • #1 choice for sports physiotherapy and myofascial treatment.
  • WHAT YOU GET – Originally made for lacrosse, the Muscle Roller Ball Set is made from heavy-duty, high-quality rubber that is able to withstand repetitive use. This set includes three (3) balls, complimentary workout guide.



If you have any questions feel free to hit me up at leaschott6369@gmail.com

Aliglow Exercise Ball with Pump


I purchased  this Aliglow Exercise Ball with Pump by  AliglowDirect.

  to use at my desk at work. It is made well and heavy duty it holds me ( I am 205 pounds). I plan to use it at my desk to help with my posture and my core.  I am thinking about getting another for home to watch tv on. It does come with a pump also. It does not seem to deflate. Easy to wipe clean. 100% Non-Phthtalate PVC, no contain Latex ( that is important to me because I am allergic to some latex).
per them …..

  • Lifetime Warranty: If you are dissatisfied in any way, return it for replacement or 100% refund no questions asked


URBNFit Ultimate Bodyweight Trainer – Suspension Straps – Ideal Home Gym Training System


Wow you really can do ALOT with this kit

*This is really well made
*very sturdy
* the foam handles are very comfortable
* comes with instruction manual
* has a nice bag that it comes it
* you can hook to a door, bars at gym, trees outside
* easy to pack up and take on trips with you
* there are many exercises you can do …
a few are runners start lunge // row to rotational press //the archer //twisting knee tucks//ab roll out //straight leg glute bridge. I am sure you can find more on youtube.

Muta Bands Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart and Resistance Band Carrying Case


Great for days you cant go to the gym…I work a super crazy schedule so it makes it hard for me to get to the gym on a regular schedule.
* Here is what you will get
Yellow Band: 10 pounds Total, 5 pounds per side
– Blue Band: 20 pounds Total, 10 pounds per side
– Red Band: 30 pounds Total, 15 pounds per side
– Green Band: 40 pounds Total, 20 pounds per side
– Black Band: 50 pounds Total, 25 pounds per side
– 2 cushioned foam handles
– 2 ankle straps
– 1 door anchor
– 1 carry bag
– 1 instruction manual

* Super easy to bag up and throw in backpack or luggage if traveling
* If you have yoga ball you can pull up a seat and do some exercises using the ball as well

You really can do a lot of exercises with these…
ab crunch either sitting on ball or kneeling
ax chops
oblique twists standing, sitting on floor, or sitting on ball
roll crunches
deltoid raises
chest press
shoulder press
bicep curls
upright row
wrist curls
shoulder raises
criss cross upright row
sitting row
shoulder shrugs
side tricep pulls
laying tricep pullovers
overhead triceps
ab crunch bicep curls
kneeling triceps
leg extension
hip flex
glute leg pulls
and i am sure you can find many many more on youtube or google

Resistance Band Set – Free Workout Ebook – 42 Exercises – Dramatically Improve Health, Fitness and Energy – 12 pcs with Handles, Door Anchor and Ankle Straps


* great for at home workouts
* can use for a variety of exercises
* carabiner clips make changing each band fast and simple
* Yellow: 2-4 lbs
Blue: 4-6 lbs
Green: 10-12 lbs
Black: 15-20 lbs
Red: 25-30 lbs
* seem to be high quality and heavy duty

The Important stuff:

Is this item worth the money? Yes
Do I like this item? yes
Would I buy this item again? yes
Would I tell my friends and family about this item? Yes

A +++++++++++++Awesome seller…Exactly as the seller described !!!!!!!!!

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