Vorfreude Lifetime Guaranteed Hearing Enhancement Amplifier Aid


  • I really like how much it amplifies, the only thing is that it picks up all sounds at the same time… so like if I am watching tv and someone is talking in the kitchen their sounds overpower the tv…might just be that I need to figure it out more.
  • Approved by FDA with 3 air tight fittings to remove echoes, chirping and white noise
  • NO tubing to come loose



The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People Who Have Alzheimer Disease, Related Dementias, and Memory Loss


  • depth of topics and detail for symptoms that Alzheimer’s patients can have
  • small font and closely spaced
  • It will help you to better:

    1. understand what your loved one is going through.
    2. deal with the behavioral issues associated with Alzheimer’s.
    3. find medical help.
    4. find additional Alzheimer’s and dementia information from a number of helpful organizations.
    5. discover support groups.
    6. save a lot of time (when you are a caregiver for someone with dementia, time is usually in very short supply–hence, the title of the book).
    7. evaluate financial possibilities.
    8. understand that you are most definitely not alone in your dealing with dementia’s effects.