Bike Light

 Flashlight Cycling Safety for Night Riding FREE TAIL LIGHT


This is perfect for any rider. Comes with the front light as well as mounting bracket and also comes with a free back light. The light has 3 modes (1 of which is flashing) . You also get a bottle holder. This set is very well made and heavy duty and all parts are working.  

The headlamp is with 4 lights. Stronger, normal and darker, and a flashing flicker.
The set also includes 4 items: 1. Front headlight 2. Rear lamp 3. Bell 4. Bottle holder.  With the back light you look good to others. creates a three-light beam of light that illuminates your path .No wires, additional accessories, or extra batteries to worry about.Pick the brightness of your bicycle head & tail lamp depending on your needs, thanks to the easy-switch mechanism! detaching is made a breeze
  •  will light your way in any situation
  • three-light beam of light that illuminates your path
  •  No wires, additional accessories, or extra batteries to worry about.
  • one-touch Dismount Button
  •  headlamp is with 4 lights
  •  includes 4 items: 1. Front headlight 2. Rear lamp 3. Bell 4. Bottle holder


Collapsible Portable Corn Hole Game


No they are not regulation size however the are GREAT ….GREAT FOR adults and kids alike. You can use them indoors or outdoors. They are super easy to put together. When I assembled them I thought oh boy these are not gonna be sturdy at all ….but i was wrong they are indeed sturdy. The bags are about 1/4 size regulation size bags but still work for this. Great for kids room, game room, beach , yard and so so much more.

You can buy it from FS Tek right HERE.

Youphoria Yoga Towel


Microfiber Non Slip Yoga Mat Towels (24 x 72)


I wanted to get a good workout towel because I plan on keeping my new years resolutions to exercise more and lose weight this coming up year.

Works for any gender really helps with sweating because of the materials. It is SUPER absorbent and does not slip around. That is important for my clumsy self. Does not wrinkle up either.  It grips the mat really well.  You can throw in the washer with regular towels. Even though it is absorbent it is still soft. It adds a hygienic layer between you and your mat.  This 24″ x 72″ hot yoga towel is the perfect size for any yoga mat. They offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Makes a big difference from using a beach towel that rolls up and you trip over all the time. hypo-allergenic . absorbs 7 times its weight in water (or sweat!)

Features and Specifications:
* Slip-Resistant Microfiber
* Sized to fit most yoga mats
* Super absorbent, dries faster than the competition
* Creates a hygienic barrier for your mat, extending mat life!
* Machine Washable – unlike your yoga mat!

  • super absorbent
  • no slipping
  • easy to wash
  • super soft
  • great for ANYONE
  • hypo-allergenic
  • 24″ x 72″

Mini Bike Pump, Raniaco Portable Bicycle Pump for Presta & Schrader, 2 in 1 Screw Valve and 260 PSI High Pressure for All Cycle Tires – Bonus Accessories Included


  • small enough to add to backpack or sports bag
  • easy to attach to bike
  • easy instructions
  • easy to install
  • takes about 4-5 mins to inflate tire
  • pretty powerful
  • Specification:
    (1)Length: 19cm
    (3)Weight: 160g
    (4)Material: T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminium
    (5)Valve Type: Presta and Schrader reversible
    (6)Standard Pressure: 17bar /260psi
    Screw X 2
    Air Inflation Needles X2
    Sandpaper X1
    Non-glue patches X 6
    Pump Clip X1
  • Raniaco Bike Pump comes with 30 days money back guarantee and 2-year performance warranty.

Sddulytb Automatic Instant Pop up Beach Tent Sun Shelter, Portable Outdoor 2 to 3 Person Anti UV Fishing/Picnicking/Beach Shade/Cabana Blue


* no assembly required
* pops up and down in seconds
* getting back in bag was tricky— had to youtube it ***directions are not great
* comes with carrying bag with shoulder strap
* tall enough to keep a beach chair inside,
* can fit 2-3 people
* stakes are a big stability help

* The tent has mesh along the sides and rear for ventilation and cooling


Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband


I absolutely love my fitbit. I wanted the HR so i can measure my heart rate and also wanted to see my sleeping patterns. I have always known my sleep sucks but wow i really can see how bad my sleep pattern is. I am hoping this will help me to stay motivated to try to continue to exercise for my health. So far since i have had it I have managed to get in an overage of over 10000 steps per day. The stair counter is also a great motivator to take the steps instead of the elevator.
You are able to sync to your smart phone and pc. You are able to log work outs and able to log foods that you eat so that you can see your calorie intake versus out.
The HR Monitor is a constant and checks your resting heart rate vs when you are active. This is great for calculating your caloric burn and if you want to see where your fat burning zone
Make sure you print out the wrist measuring strip so that you can get the correct size.
Most of the people that have negative comments or complaints seem to be gym rats or personal trainers that seem to expect perfection.
I chose to input a weight goal. I picked how much I wanted to weight & by when. The fitbit gave me a starting calorie point that I can eat for the day. As you burn calories you can eat more.
The charge lasts about 2 1/2 days.

Duplex | Ping Pong Paddle Case – Best Table Tennis Paddle Cover for Blade With Bonus Ball Storage – Waterproof Material Bag


  • I play at work several times a week and this is PERFECT for keeping my paddle from getting dusty.
  • good quality material
  • waterproof
  • extra bonus a ball bag
  • highly recommend this
  • I have also gotten paddles from this company …great company